Navigating Port Canaveral Cruise Terminals

Exploring a new destination can sometimes feel daunting – from navigating traffic to finding the right pickup location. But navigating Port Canaveral’s cruise terminals doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or an experienced cruiser from Port Canaveral, the various terminals and parking areas can be confusing. Don’t fret; find the information you need for a smooth journey in our guide before your next visit. 


Google map of Port Canaveral and its terminals.

Port Canaveral Cruise Terminals Overview

Port Canaveral, the world’s second busiest cruise port, boasts a bustling array of cruise terminals, making it a premier destination for travelers embarking on oceanic adventures. Divided into two main areas separated by a small drawbridge spanning the channel, the port accommodates some of the world’s most renowned cruise lines. Cruise Terminal A serves as the primary hub, hosting major ships like Disney Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line, and Norwegian Cruise Line. Meanwhile, Cruise Terminal B caters to Royal Caribbean and Carnival ships while hosting dining options and attractions, offering various activities for cruisers and day visitors. Both terminals can be accessed from 528 East/A1A, but understanding which terminal you’re aiming for is crucial.


Cruise Terminal A

Cruise Terminal A houses Terminals 5, 6, 8, and 10 and accommodates a significant portion of the port’s ships, including those of Disney Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line, and Norwegian Cruise Line. 

Finding Cruise Terminal A is a breeze. If your ship departs from CT-5, CT-6, CT-8, or CT-10, simply follow 528 East until you reach the exit for North Cargo Piers/Cruise Terminal A or 401-North to the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. After taking the exit, a short drive over the drawbridge leads you to the terminal, which is clearly marked with signage. 

Pro tip: If you spot the Space Force Station, you’ve gone too far!


Cruise Terminals 5, 6, 8, and 10

Cruise Terminal 5 caters to Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Marella, while Cruise Terminal 6 hosts Carnival Cruise Line. The terminals are next to each other and share Port parking facilities. 

For Cruise Terminal 8, which hosts Disney ships like the Disney Wish and Disney Fantasy, preferred parking is available at an additional cost. Cruise Terminal 10 is home to Norwegian ships and MSC Cruises. Remember to double-check your terminal assignment, as port arrangements may occasionally change.


Three cruise ships docked at Port Canaveral, Florida.


Cruise Terminal B

In this area, you can board additional Royal Caribbean and Carnival ships. If you have some spare time before or after your journey, consider visiting the Cove, a lively spot for dining and entertainment, or the Exploration Tower.

To find Cruise Terminal B in Port Canaveral, follow 528 East for less than a mile past the North Cargo Pier exit. Look for signs indicating the exit toward Cruise Terminal B and follow them accordingly. Cruise Terminal B is conveniently situated within easy reach of the rest of the Cape, making it accessible for travelers and day visitors looking to embark on their cruise adventures or explore the vibrant attractions in the area.


Cruise Terminals 1 and 3

Cruise Terminals 1 and 3 (CT-1 and CT-3) are relatively smaller than the facilities at Cruise Terminal A. Terminal 1 is home to Royal Caribbean ships like the Wonder of the Seas, Anthem of the Seas, and Allure of the Seas. The newest addition to the Royal Caribbean fleet, the Utopia of the Seas, will also sail from here in the summer of 2024. The Carnival Liberty and Mardis Gras sail from the recently constructed Terminal 3.

To reach Cruise Terminal B, continue on 528 East for less than a mile past the North Cargo Pier exit, then follow the signs for the terminal exit.


More to Explore at Port Canaveral

Port Canaveral offers plenty of attractions if you’re not ready for the fun to be over. Near Cruise Terminal B, you’ll find Jetty Park, the Exploration Tower, and the Cove, each offering unique experiences for visitors.

Jetty Park boasts pristine beaches, pavilions for rent, and various recreational activities, making it ideal for families and beach enthusiasts. The Exploration Tower, with its distinctive sail-shaped architecture, offers seven floors of interactive exhibits and learning experiences suitable for all ages. Adjacent to the Exploration Tower, the Cove is a vibrant area featuring waterfront restaurants, live music, and scenic views of departing cruise ships. 


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