Activities to Do Before Your Port Canaveral Cruise

Adding on an extra day before your Port Canaveral cruise is a perfect way to tack on some bonus fun for your vacation. Luckily, the area around Port Canaveral is full of awesome things for families, friends, couples, or individual visitors to enjoy before or after their cruise! Adding on an extra day can do more than just add to the fun though. It also makes sure that you have a buffer day to get to your cruise, lets you buy anything you forgot, and allows you to detox from your car ride before getting onto your cruise ship. But what is there to do in our area? Don’t worry. As locals, we’re bringing you our favorite secret activities for everyone in your party to enjoy!

For families, there are plenty of options in and around Port Canaveral. From airboats to the Orlando Science Center and Kennedy Space Center, you’ll find something for everyone! Airboats provide an awesome experience for the whole family as you cruise over the water and get a chance to spot some local wildlife. The Orlando Science Center provides an educational experience the whole family can enjoy, while Kennedy Space Center offers an excellent historical experience.

For couples, there are many romantic activities to choose from in our area. Take a private charter boat out for the day and explore some of the lesser known islands off the coast. Enjoy a quiet lunch at one of our local waterfront restaurants or take your partner on a hot air balloon ride for the most romantic view of the Port Canaveral area. Whatever you choose, it’ll be an unforgettable experience!

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Even if you’re about to go off an adventure in the Atlantic, you can never get too much of the beach! Year-round, Port Canaveral has access to beautiful beaches and warm waters for you to enjoy. Why not stop in at Port Canaveral for a bite to eat on the water? You can shop, walk around, hear live music, and watch the cruise ships leave port from the Cove right at Port Canaveral. This cozy entertainment spot is lovely to check out ahead of time! In addition, there is also the Cocoa Beach Pier – a great place to watch the waves and look around. Or, hit the beach below the pier and catch some rays and waves before your trip. You can’t start tanning too early, right?

2. Learn About the Space Race

Learn about the mystery and magnitude of space right from the place where it all started. Cape Canaveral is home not only to the entrance to the sea but also to space. And if you’re interested in space history, what’s going on today, or NASA in general, the answer for what to do with your day lies in the Kennedy Space Center. This is kind of like a theme park for everything space related. There are museums with real rockets and shuttles, rides to show space history and launch simulations, and interactive exhibits all over. If you or anyone in your party is a little space-crazed, this is a great way to spend a whole day (or two)! Oh, and the crowds are way smaller than any other theme park you’ll go to – like Disney – so don’t expect to stand in a ton of lines unless you go during the holidays.

space shuttle launch into the sky at cape canaveral
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3. Enjoy the Ecosystem with Kayaks and Air Boats

Yes, we know that you’re about to head off to a tropical paradise, but we do have to say that we love our area – it is a little slice of paradise in its own right! There are so many beautiful places that you can find and visit that we have to recommend going out to the lagoons and rivers in our area if you’re someone who loves the outdoors. One of the coolest ways to take a tour of the Indian River and surrounding wildlife areas is to go on either a kayak tour or an airboat tour. Kayaking is perfect if you want a longer, exercise-heavy view of our area. Kayaks offer a quiet journey at your own pace, while airboat rides are fast, loud, and usually focus on quick tours through alligator-run waters. You can also rent a kayak at different locations on the river or ocean if you don’t want a tour and just want to explore on your own. The best part? You’re likely to see tons of locals joining you in the Florida sunshine! Don’t forget to take lots of pictures! 

No matter what your preferred method of exploration is, Port Canaveral and the surrounding areas have something for everyone. From mangrove forests to seagrass beds, you’ll find wildlife in its natural habitat as you paddle or cruise along the river. Dolphins, manatees, alligators, ospreys, and more are just some of the creatures you may encounter. If you’ve tacked on a full day, you could enjoy a bioluminescent kayak tour and witness the colorful light show that only a few lucky visitors get to see. Take it from a local; it’s a sight you won’t want to miss!

4. Go to the Beach

This seems like a no-brainer; it’s Florida; you go to the beach. But there’s a reason this area is renowned for its sandy shores and gorgeous ocean. Whether you’re looking to build sandcastles, take a stroll around the shoreline, or go for a dip, Port Canaveral has one of the most vibrant beaches in all of Florida. Keep your eyes peeled while exploring; you may even see a dolphin or other sea creature.

You’re probably wondering, what makes Port Canaveral beaches different? It is the only beach in the area with access to a marine preserve, and its pristine blue coastal waters are great for swimming, sunbathing, and all types of water sports. Plus, you can catch breathtaking views of space launches from the nearby Kennedy Space Center. Don’t forget your sunscreen when you go—no one wants to get a lobster-red sunburn! So if you’re looking for a beach that offers something for everyone, look no further than Port Canaveral. With its beautiful beaches and exciting activities, it’s sure to provide an unforgettable and enjoyable experience!

beautiful ocean shot with sun on horizon

Port Canaveral is also home to plenty of restaurants, bars, and shopping opportunities along the waterfront. Whether you’re looking for some fresh seafood, a quiet place to relax with a refreshing drink or two, or unique souvenirs and gifts, there’s something for everyone at Port Canaveral. You can even find a variety of cruise ships that offer tours of the area and plenty of other exciting attractions. 


Whatever you decide to do, exploring the area around Port Canaveral is sure to be an unforgettable experience for all ages! Enjoy your adventure, and let us know if you have any questions about our service. If you’re looking for ways to prepare for your cruise, worried you might have forgotten something, or are looking for first-time cruise tips, be sure to check out our blog for more tips and tricks. 


The Port Canaveral area has so much to offer. You can make the first day of your trip one to remember by taking your family out for a little adventure before you head out on your big adventure! There are lots of ways to enjoy the scenery before your cruise. You can take a leisurely stroll along the beach, go for a bike ride around town, or head out on the water in a kayak or airboat. There are plenty of options to fit your family’s style and level of adventure! No matter what you choose, you’ll be sure to have a great time.

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